If I may, let me ask you a question.


If you could choose ANY superhuman power, what would it be?


Would it be the ability to regenerate like Wolverine, the chaotic energy of the Scarlet Witch or maybe the raw power of Wonder Woman. We all have superpowers, well maybe not of the comic book style, but everyone has that unique brilliance that sets us apart from the crowd.

So, what exactly do I mean by an entrepreneurial superpower?

I’m talking about the ‘thing’ that you can do better than anyone else. It’s the skill set that sets you apart from others, and from where you can build your competitive advantage.

Why is having an entrepreneur superpower so important?

Well, imagine if we can hone in on that unique ability?  What if we can start to nurture that brilliance and develop it….

What if we can create our business vision around it!

Then we will really have something magic!

We know it’s not possible to be great at everything.  Spending more time developing what you excel at, rather than forcing yourself into work you dislike, will naturally leads to higher work and life satisfaction.

An entrepreneurial superpower can be broad, or it can be specific.
  • You have an email system that actually works to keep yourself organized.
  • Your secret passion is organizing people’s pantry and kitchens!
  • You’re terrific at project management and maintaining team focus.
  • You have a knack of writing in a way that connects to your audience.
  • You can spot an incorrect use of grammar from a mile away.
  • You have an eye for design and graphics.

Before you say ….

” I don’t have a skill set that is better than everyone else” or

“I can’t figure out how to monetize what I’m good at.”

I’d like to share with you a personal story.

I grew up immersed in a word filled with watching Charlies Angels, Wonder Woman, and the Bionic Man when I was a kid.  It was a world of possibility back then, and I dreamed that somehow, somewhere…., I would suddenly find my ‘thing,’ my exceptional talent.  I waited for that magic talent to appear…and it didn’t seem to be appearing.

Fast track to university, I had swapped the comic superhero world with my love of ….well I wasn’t quite sure.   I had flittered between studying computer science, fine-art photography, and then to international business in my late 20’s.

Every time someone asked me what I wanted to do with my life, or what my niche would be …my mind clouded over.

The truth was, I had become a jack of all trades and master of none.  I could accomplish any task requested of me, but I really didn’t have that one particular thing that I was good at.

It wasn’t until a setback in health due to a chronic immune disorder that I was forced to take stock of where I was in life.  I no longer could work a regular 9-5 or even part-time.  It was time to find work that would fit into my new lifestyle, not the other way around. I’ll admit, it was a massive shift in mindset for me, as so much of my self-worth was held in being that driven, career powerhouse.

My new daily routine was now about regulating my health and energy levels and focusing on adjusting to a new life balance.  Ironically, with all the health limitations, I had never felt more freedom to figure out what I actually loved doing.

It was when I discovered the world of online business and more specifically, digital marketing, that the world really opened up for me.

It gave me freedom!

To work in the comfort of home and in my available hours.  To work on my terms with people I cared about, and on projects that sparked my interest.

At the end of the day, I could do something I loved, provide a service that was ethical and valued…. and get paid very well for it… well, that was the icing on the cake. 

So, if you’re still struggling to figure out what your entrepreneurial superpower is…and questioning if you actually have one, I want to assure you that YOU DO.

Let’s fast track your way to discovering your superpower through these 3 Easy Steps.

1. Ask 5 friends or family members what THEY think your unique superpower is or what you’re good at? If they all have a similar viewpoint – believe them!

2. Take a notepad and list the abilities and interests you have. Highlight the ones you take for granted, but which are actually valuable and marketable.

3. To find out if your superpower is marketable, have a look at the FREE report 107 Supercharged Online Business ideas for inspiration. See which business models are aligned with your unique skills and abilities.

As for my superpower, I discovered at the core of what I do, I love solving problems, specifically digital marketing problems!  I enjoy finding marketing solutions for busy entrepreneurs and streamlining processes to make our lives easier.

I believe that the smoother your business runs, the more time you get to do what you love, and what inspires you…and spend more time with the people you care about.  

For me that’s what life is all about!

We would love to hear from you via email or in the comments below, about your journey and Superpower?

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