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If you are feeling it’s time to create a new chapter in your life.

If you are striving to create work flexibility that fits your lifestyle … then we are here to support you! 

 WHY we do what we do!


Hi!  My name is Piet Marie from Fresh Start Hub and we’d love to share with you a little more about us.   

About me, sections are often about your wins and achievements, but that doesn’t sum up WHY we  have a passion for helping people on their journey to starting their next chapter in business and life.   

Here is my story ....

My personal journey started 15 years ago after suffering from an chronic auto-immune condition.  I was working unsustainable hours and trying my best to juggling work, life and family commitments. 

I loved my work in small business strategy and marketing …but if I’m really honest with myself, I was’t managing my stress levels or health.  I also knew deep down at the time that my values weren’t exactly aligned with those of some of the people I was working closely with.

Something had to change!

I noticed there is often a disconnect felt between the life we are living and the life  we really want.   So when I started a family, I decided I wanted to find a work life balance…that would really work in practice, not just in theory. 

Within the next 5 years, everything changed!  I was able to learn the ins and outs of the online business world, and create a blueprint for my financial freedom, through doing what I loved.  I created my digital marketing agency and branched out into funnel design and strategy.   As my business developed I realised what I TRULEY enjoyed was helping others, find their own journey and create their own business success. 

It has been transformative for me to be able to follow my true path and work on projects and with people you believe in.  Best of all I get to work only the hours I have available, balance my health, AND spend quality time on the people that matter most in my life! The most rewarding part of my work is when I am able to help others achieve the same success! 

OK – Disclaimer here!  I don’t live in a perfect bubble…and mixing kids, life and home businesses doesn’t always go to plan!  But here’s the thing –  when you have your own business, YOU make the rules!  It really is possible!  

Thank you for reading my story and I can’t wait to get to know more about you and cheer you on as you build your business!

Piet Marie x  


Value’s & Beliefs

Pay It Forward Philosophy

At the cornerstone of everything we do is our belief that it’s not enough to have had success, what matters is how you contribute back to your community and help those around you.  We strongly believe in the pay-it-forward philosophy of business and life and that allows people to both make more AND give more back!

It takes a village to build a successful business

We are fans in the power of community.  Starting out it’s easy to become isolated and try and do everything yourself.  It’s definetely easier when you have a community behind you. We are here to support you!

There are three things I know to be true.  

1. Life is a rollercoaster and at every junction there are going to be ups and downs.  When things aren’t looking great, remember the setbacks are just learning opportunities that will get you that one step closer to your dream.   

2. Creating financial freedom doesn’t have to be a struggle.   As the least likely entrepreneur, I’m a testament that you can have both work flexibility and financial security…that works around your lifestyle.  

3. It’s easy to feel intimidated at the very beginning.  We all start out with knowing nothing.  You just have to start somewhere and just make that first step

It’s never too late to start a business!


Don’t keep your dreams inside a box.  It doesn’t matter if you are a baby boomer, generation Y, or a millennial.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve had previous experience running a business or not.  We all have business dreams and it’s not too late to fulfil them. Each person has their own skillsets, talents and unique message to share with the world.    

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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